Hello! and welcome to my site. I'm a photographer and entrepeneur based in Madrid. When I am not photographing I am usually found doing calligraphy, having a cup of coffee, or spending some time with my daughters and my girlfriend. I also enjoy Olympic Weightlifting as a sport that is the strenght sport, not the more aesthetically oriented bodybuilding and usually follow athletes you have never heard of. Always curious with a restless mind and an insatiable itch to learn, I am easily distracted by the world's wonders and often find myself pursuing yet another crazy search for knowledge. But photography has proven to be one of my life long passions with now over twenty five years of experience. I was priviledged to start photographing in medium format, with black and white film, with a Rolleiflex and a Hasselblad and got tons of experience developing in the warm orange glow of the darkroom.
The website you are now visiting is the brainchild of my girlfriend, Konstanza Vargas, and me, when we decided to put my photographic and her creative and modelling skills to good use and create the Square Root of 3 Project. In here we plan to host beautiful and elegant images of the female nude more akin to good fashion portraiture than to the common glamour standard.
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Pablo González

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